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Foundation Maintenance Tips

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The summer season brings hot dry weather that causes the biggest amount of movement on your slab foundation. As a matter of fact. This results in cracks in your home’s foundation and interior damages such as crack tiling, walls or bricks. Movement on your foundation also has effects on plumbing by stressing the pipes resulting in water leaks and cracks. In addition to that, windows and doors may start to not close or stick. There are actually tips for maintaining your home’s foundation and these maintenance tips help you prevent unwanted costly repairs.   

Foundation Maintenance

Having to maintain your home’s foundation is just all about keeping the moisture levels surrounding your building or home’s foundation. The most accessible DIY foundation maintenance tip is watering program. On the other hand, more advanced tasks make sure right drainage systems around your foundation. Ultimately, if necessary, put root barriers between your home’s foundation and the trees.  

The soil acts as a sponge which expands when it absorbs water and contracts then it loses water. This causes movement on your foundation leading to cracks. Furthermore, the soil dries out during the dry summer season and expands during cold winter months, and spring when moisture returns. Maintaining the moisture levels throughout the year is what the maintenance of your foundation is all about.  

For the watering system of your foundation, all you will need are a faucet and soaker hoses. Bury the hose 3 inches in depth, 6 inches from the edges of your home’s foundation. Put the hose on a near distance from your foundation which allows water to evenly soak into the soil. Be cautious not to put the hose against your foundation. When the soil has cracked and dried, the water can go through these cracks for a few feet in all directions. Hence, if the soil surrounding the foundation is cracked or dried, then the water placed next to your foundation will penetrate through the foundation cracks and accumulate under or around your foundation.   

It is very important to water more in the hot summer months and less during the cold winter months. Begin in the summer months with a fifteen-minute water regime daily. This can be decreased or increased as necessary. The main purpose of this is to maintain a consistent soil moisture level so that the soil under the ground is damp – not dry and not soggy.  

Once your watering system is already set up, check the trees that surround the area. A single big tree can absorb almost twenty cubic feet of water or at least one hundred fifty gallons of water every day from the soil. Other plants such as the shrubs can also absorb a huge amount of water. When the roots get under the foundation, they can cause damage to it by drying the soil out below the foundation and resulting in foundation settlement. Tree roots also cause extensive plumbing damages by breaking into pipes. In some cases, the broken pipes can also cause to over wet the soil and that lead your foundation to heave.  

If you want to have a properly maintained home foundation, you should also make sure that you only hire a professional foundation repair in North Richland Hills 

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The Reason Why We Need to Repair a Home’s Damaged Foundation

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For most of us, our house is the biggest and most significant investment we have. The foundation issues may threaten this investment by causing crucial structural damages which lessens the value of our home. Excessive water, settlement over time and poor soil conditions all cause stress on our home’s foundation which may lead to structural break down. 

Damaged Foundation

In addition to that, it is very essential to protect our home with foundation repair tools and products in order to make sure the integrity of our home’s foundation, whether it is just a basement made of block or poured concrete, slab on grade, or a crawl space. 

The following are some signs which indicates impending failure of your home’s foundation: 

  • Windows and doors that stick
  • Garage column cracks
  • Sloping floors
  • Cracked walls
  • Leaning chimney
  • Porch that pulls away from your house
  • Leaning or bowing walls

If you notice one of these indications, do not hesitate to consult these problems to experts and professionals when it comes to foundation repair. These repair companies have contractors which will give you a free inspection as well as offer you the best answers for the repair of your failing foundation. 

Foundation Repair Done Correctly by Repair Experts and Specialists 

These professional and expert contractors for foundation repair in Temple use only products and tools for the repair of your foundation. It offers you great deals such as basement waterproofing products and foundation repair as well as it provides products for industrial, residential and commercial foundation repair. 

Steps to Maintain Your Home’s Foundation 

  • You should make sure that the surrounding soil of your foundation is basically graded in order to prevent water from staying on your foundation. Furthermore, the soil must drop four to six inches in four to six feet.
  • Place the soaker hoses around the foundation in order to keep the surrounding soil damp on dry periods.
  • Use the splash blocks or the downspout extensions on all down spouts.
  • Refrain from trapping the water against the foundation. The water may be trapped against the structure by metal edging, flower beds or some other borders whichdo not have holesto let the water pass through by sidewalks or some obstructions. 
  • Maintain the majority of your shrubs at home at least under three feet in height. Huge plants require huge amounts of water that can cause future problems on your foundation.
  • Make sure that all your paved surfaces which border the foundation slope away from the foundation. As a matter of fact, this is very essential for pool decks.
  • Your pool circulating system and the leaking sprinkler lines can also cause problems on your foundation. Have them tested for leaks once every 2 to 3 years.
  • For some instances, if you have huge trees around your home and these trees are too close to your foundation,you may want to considerputting root barriers in order to keep these trees from drawing water out from under your foundation. 
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3 Benefits of Foundation Repair

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Neglecting the signs of foundation damage will only worsen the situation in the future. The foundation is an important component of a structure, that’s why it’s important to do some routine check-up and maintenance. Once you see cracks on your walls and windows, it’s time to call the professionals of foundation repair Pearland so the foundation will be checked.  

Foundation Repair

The causes of foundation damage are ground shifting and moisture penetration. The damages are small at first but it become bigger over time. If you think that there are problems in your foundation, call a professional right away and don’t shrug off this problem. There are many benefits you can get from repairing the foundation; the following are some of them.  

Saves Time 

Having issues on your foundation will create a change in your daily routine. Cracks in the walls could be small and harmless, but once they are already big they need to be fixed. These issues can eat up your time, especially if you want to do some repairs on your own but don’t know where to start. Once the foundation starts to settle, the windows and doors are affected too.  

It could also lead to basement flooding and plumbing problems. The longer you neglect these issues, the more time you will spend on maintenance. Once you get those issues repaired, you will spend less time on stabilizing the foundation. There would be fewer repairs and you can go on with your routines peacefully.  

Added Home Value 

A healthy and well-maintained home has a higher property value. There’s a notion that the house that went through many repairs is less appealing to the future buyers, but that’s wrong. A house with issues and did not go through repairs is the least appealing one! Once the issues are fixed by professional and trustworthy companies, your home value will increase.  

The buyers will see that you made such efforts in repairing the issues in your foundation. They will feel more secure that those issues won’t come up again. Even if you don’t have plans on selling your house, living in a house with sticky doors and big cracks on the wall is definitely uncomfortable. By addressing these issues, you will be comfortable living in your house.  

Healthier Yard 

The issues on your foundation will also affect your yard, since the foundation is connected to the ground beneath and around it. If you’re located in a place where the terrain is uneven, the soil erosion might damage your landscape. This will destroy the appearance of your yard. Aside from that, water runoff will also direct to your house, affecting the foundation.  

You can address these issues by repairing the foundation and improving the drainage system. Aside from having a healthy foundation, you will also enjoy a good looking yard. Having your foundation issues repaired will help you improve the state of your house and the overall appearance of your landscaping. Don’t be neglected and hire someone to inspect your house.  

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